Collection: Shakers Seasonings

Family gatherings and all the food my parents and grandmothers used to cook, spark nostalgia and great memories of my childhood. No matter the event, they always seemed to tie back to great food. Great food is exactly how Shakers came about. I come from a long line of cooks, both of my grandmothers coming from rather large families started cooking meals at a very young age. My mother is culinary trained, and my brother and I just simply picked up cooking abilities from watching everyone around us. As my brother and I grew older, we became rather competitive when it came to cooking and grilling. Every once in a while, my mom would get in on the debate as to whom was the best cook in the family. The one question everyone always seemed to ask us is “What did you season your food with? “. Shakers Seasonings are cultivated from the highest quality spices and herbs, helping you create that made with love taste. Shakers Seasonings, we just make food better.